Welcome to the Carillon Beach Design Review Board Website

This site is built to help you streamline your workflow through the design process. We hope that you will find this site to be a valuable resource for interacting with the Design Review Board—whether it be a question, a paint color approval, or the design and construction of a new structure.

Carillon Beach is a special place that over the years has evolved into a memorable “Village by the Sea.” From the beginning, this process involved town planning and design. Acclaimed Louisiana architect and authority on Gulf Coast traditional neighborhoods Lloyd Vogt was retained to create a master plan and design code for Carillon Beach. We are pleased to have A Boheme Design as our town planner.

The Carillon Beach Design Code has been minimally revised over the years to meet the current construction codes and community needs. All builders and architects must adhere to the highest standards before being approved by the Design Review Board to insure the unwavering quality of the village.

The FAQ section answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the Carillon Beach design process.

The Library contains the Carillon Beach Design Code and all necessary documents and forms for projects.

The Document Uploader is a tool for you or your architect, builder, or landscaper to use to submit the documents necessary for Design Review Board project approval.

Use the Help page to submit questions to the Design Review Board.

Enjoy your project—we look forward to working with you!